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Spring is here and summer is coming! Planting is well under way. If you don't have time to plant this spring, you can always reach out to us and schedule planting for the fall. 


We Specialize in Pruning, Planting, Removals, and Shrub Shearing. We are also Large Tree Removal Specialists.


Call us today to get a free quote on your trees and shrubs. If they are taken care of while they are "sleeping" through Winter, in Spring... they will "awaken" healthy, full, and beautiful!


...You may just end up with the most beautiful yard in your neighborhood!


Emergency Tree Service...

Any weak, dead or dying trees or low-hanging branches close to, or over-hanging your home or business should be removed now before a heavy snow or windstorm makes that decision for you... at the worst possible time!


Call James Tree & Shrub Care Today for all of your tree and shrub pruning, removals,  new plantings, and shrub shearing needs. Always at reasonable prices with an unwaivering commitment to quality.​


ISA Certified, Licensed, and Fully Insured





Talk to our Arborists: Matt James and Evan Mercier

Whether you need a tree removed, planted, or pruned, or if you have a sick tree needing care, our ISA-Certified Arborists - Matt James and Evan Mercier are the right guys for the job!


With over 20-years of combined experience working along Colorado's front-range environment, we have seen and done it all! Our combined team of arborists and professional ground technicians have the tools, talent, and experience to get the job done right the first time!


When only the best will do for the work you need done around your home or business, Call James Tree & Shrub Care!

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