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Fun Stuff for Kids...

Here is a collection of cool links and stuff that help kids and kids-at-heart understand the beauty and magic of the seasons and the circle-of-life...

A collection of our all-time favs...


Nature's Half Acre

Disney documentary that uses photographs and time-lapse photography to show the teeming life on a small plot of land, the struggle for survival among insects and birds, and nature's system of balance. Includes scenes of nest-building; pollination of flowers; various methods of surviving the winter; and the reawakening of plant, insect, and bird life with the returning of spring.


To Spring - 1936

Cartoon - To Spring - Happy Harmonies 1936 (Classic Adorable Cartoon in HD!)


Bristlecone Pine Song by Tom Munch

The most beautiful arrangement of this song I've ever heard. Thanks Tom!


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