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Plant Health Care Services

James Tree & Shrub Care began offering plant health care services in July of 2021 and we are dedicated to ensuring the health of plants throughout the landscape. We understand that all landscapes are not the same and will tailor a plant health care program specifically for your trees and shrubs. We offer free plant health care assessments and free estimates, so please contact us for a consultation.



Insect Control

  • IPS Spruce Beetle and Pine Bark Beetle 
  • Emerald Ash Borer Trunk Injection 
  • Emerald Ash Borer Basal Trunk Spray 
  • Locust Borer Trunk Injection 
  • Adult Japanese Beetle - Pollinator friendly, foliar spray of Acelepryn, will provide 21 days of residual activity
  • Aphids, scales, mites, plant bugs, leaf hoppers, leaf rollers, leaf beetles etc. - We can treat any problem trees with different options which would be specific to the individual tree: Foliar spray, basal trunk spray, trunk injection, or soil injection.


Fertilizer, Fireblight Trunk Injection, Iron Trunk Injection, Mycosol Root Stimulant, Anti-desiccant, Winter Water 

  • Spring Tree Feeding - Root zone injection of a slow released fertilizer to encourage new growth which will provide food for the roots
  • Fireblight Antibiotic Injection -Trunk injected antibiotic to help control fireblight
  • Fall Tree Feeding - Root zone injection of a slow released fertilizer to feed the roots with macro and micro-nutrients
  • Iron Trunk Injection - Trunk injection of chelated iron to help control symptoms of chlorosis
  • Mycosol Root Stimulant - Root injection of Mycorrhizae, Revive and humic acid to stimulate root growth, improve health and to promote vigor
  • Antidesiccant Spray - Foliar spray of an antitranspirant applied to evergreens, will dry as a clear coating to lock in moisture, prevent tip burn and winter desiccation
  • Winter Water - Root zone water with Yucca extract to help prevent desiccation and to aid in uptake of available moisture




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